Gluten Free Options

We’ve been putting forth great effort to bring you a diverse gluten-free menu.  Anyone suffering from gluten allergies can enjoy the following dishes worry-free:


  • A5* – Pork and shrimp summer roll
  • A7* – Shrimp summer roll
  • A8* – Spiced pork roll
  • A9* – Tofu summer roll
  • A14 – Cabbage Salad
  • A15 – Mango Salad
  • A16 – Lotus Root Salad


  • P1-P15 excluding P6, P7, P15
  • P9 (please ask for shrimp and squid only)
  • Gluten-free hoisin sauce is available


  • B4 – vermicelli with grilled shrimp (please ask for no barbeque sauce on the shrimp)
  • B13 – vermicelli with spiced pork sausage
  • B14 (without the spring rolls) – vermicelli with sugar cane shrimp and spiced pork sausage
  • Vermicelli with steamed pork or with steamed shrimp is also available if requested


  • C1 – chicken curry
  • C3 – chicken and shrimp curry
  • C5 – seafood curry (please ask for shrimp and squid only)
  • C6 – tofu and vegetable curry


  • S1 – Vietnamese pancake (made with rice flour)
  • S7 – spicy beef soup (please ask for no pork)
  • S8 – thick rice noodle with pork and shrimp
  • S9 – thick rice noodle with shrimp and crab (please ask for no imitation crab)


  • D1 – three colour dessert
  • D2 – baked flan
  • Any of our milkshakes and drinks including Vietnamese coffee


  • House sauce
  • Sweet and sour sauce (normally served with spring rolls and wontons)
  • Gluten-free peanut sauce ($0.50 extra)
  • Gluten-free hoisin sauce ($0.50 extra)
  • Sriracha sauce
  • House-made chili oil
  • Sambal Olek (garlic chili sauce)

* Please note peanut sauce normally provided with A5, A7, A8 and A9 contain gluten.  Please ask for gluten-free peanut sauce.