The foundation of Vietnamese cuisine is simple.
It’s built upon fresh vegetables, wholesome ingredients and a combination of earthy spices.

But simple doesn't mean easy. There are no shortcuts to flavour.

We know it's all in the details. Perfection takes time.
That’s why we marinade our meat overnight and simmer our pho soup for over twelve hours. And those pickled vegetables that bring lightness to your plate? Prepared in-house too.

If you’re looking for good, wholesome family food then we’ve got you covered. From our family to yours.

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Pho Maxim Rice Special (R1)

A selection of grilled beef short rib, grilled pork chops, fried egg, Vietnamese pork quiche and sausage served with house-made pickled vegetables, fresh cucumber, a tomato slice and white rice.
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Each cup is freshly hand-pressed to order! Served up sweet and ice cold, like your favourite iced coffee… only better.
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Ever wonder why our chicken is so good? It’s marinated for hours overnight before ever touching the grill. It’s served with rice vermicelli noodles on a bed of beansprouts, lettuce, house-made pickled vegetables, mint and topped with roasted peanuts.
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Our Pho family recipe means your broth is simmered for over eight hours with a special combination of star anise, cinnamon and cloves before it’s able to reach that depth of flavour that you’ve come to love. Each bowl is served with rice noodles, freshly cut beef topped with aromatic basil, coriander and green onions.

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